How to solve a difference of opinion, June 29th

Core Singles FellowshipOn June 9th, Dr. David Eckman will be speaking on How To Solve A Difference Of Opinion. “Sooner or later, everyone has a strong difference of opinion with those they care for. Without the skill of reconciling differences, good friendships can end. Dr. Eckman will address how to differ and sustain relationships at the same time.

About the speaker…

Dr. David Eckman

Dr. David Eckman has been a pastor for 16 years followed by seven years as a Dean and Vice-President for Western Seminary in San Jose, CA. and Portland, OR. He studied at Oxford University while working on his doctorate, and received his Ph.D. in Old Testament and Hebrew from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds an M.Div., M.Th., and Ph.D.

Dr. Eckman is currently retired from Western Seminary, and is now full-time with BWGI Ministries. He is an international speaker and educator, and has authored several books including: Becoming Who God IntendedKnowing the Heart of the Father and Sex, Food & God.