Discovering Hidden Treasures: A Closer Look at the Real You

Core Singles FellowshipOn September 21st, Devin Kleffer will be speaking on Discovering Hidden Treasures: A Closer Look at the Real You.Explore the misconceptions of cultural-based self-worth, and how the REAL you is infinitely more valuable.

About the speaker…

Devin KlefferDevin Kleffer has been involved in education for more than ten years, with experience in both private and public institutions, including special education. He earned his Master’s Degree from Western Theological Seminary, and his California Teaching Credential from San Jose State University.

Devin currently serves the Monte Vista Christian School community both as a member of the school’s faculty and its coaching staff. He teaches U.S. History and Men’s Moral Development, where he has ditched the humdrum of essays, and a dependence on traditional assessment methods, for a variety of technology-based projects. The result has been engaged students involved in critical and creative thinking.