Sharing Christ By Building Bridges And Overcoming Barriers

Core Singles FellowshipOn February 8th, Jan Villott will be leading a workshop titled Sharing Christ By Building Bridges And Overcoming Barriers. “As believers, we often feel pressure to share the good news of Jesus Christ but feel inadequate and ill-equipped for the task. In this workshop session, the pressure is lifted and personal confidence is developed. Participants learn to use prayer and intentionality, and to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to encourage others to move toward Christ in their faith journey.

About the speaker…

Jan Villot

Jan Villot is a nationally known speaker and workshop leader. She is the founder and creator of My100Words Workshops and a co-founder of the Telling Your Story Conference. She is a Bible study teacher, mentor, deacon and member of BWGI Ministries team.

“I am passionate about using our faith stories to connect people for Christ… because within our stories is God’s story. It has been pure joy for me to work with hundreds of men and women to help them find and share their personal testimonies in a way that is spontaneous, natural and spirit led.”