Biblical Financial Stewardship And Tithing.

Core Singles FellowshipFinancial stewardship is important for every Christian.  A good steward recognizes that everything we have comes from God, and we are held accountable for how we use these resources. I will share some practical suggestions for financial stewardship. I will also share my own testimony of how God prepared and called me to retire early at age 45.

About the speaker…

Sau-Wing LamSau-Wing Lam is the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Commercial Bank. He took early retirement at age 45 in order to devote all his time serving the Chinese communities with his expertise in personal finance. Currently he hosts four call-in radio programs each week for listeners in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, and he answers financial questions in his weekly column in the Singtao Daily. Mr. Lam heads up the Northern California Branch of Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, is the founder of the Bread of Life enterprise and the Chief Editor of the Northwestern Edition of Herald Monthly. His book, “The Greatest Love”, is currently in its 13th printing.