Islamic Eschatology: The Muslim Mahdi – Messiah or Anti-Christ

Core Singles FellowshipOn March 8th, Gary Hess will be speaking on Islamic Eschatology: The Muslim Mahdi – Messiah or Anti-Christ.

“In this study we will look briefly at what Islamic eschatology is, its sources and how it compares to to Christian eschatology. Then we will look at the role of the Mahdi in it, who he is, signs of his soon appearing and if there are any Biblical references to him. Finally, time permitting, we will preview different current Christian perspectives on him.”

About the speaker…

Gary Hess is a retired pastor and business executive. He has been partnering with BWGI Ministries since 2012 as Administrator and Ministry Coach. Prior to BWGI, he spent 18 years on staff at Los Gatos Venture Christian Church,  ten years as the Administrator and eight years as Discipleship Pastor.  Additionally, he has 29 years of experience in the Electronics Industry, including ten years as the U. S. Director of Marketing for Custom Chips for use in communication and computer equipment. Gary has a BSEE, MBA and graduate work in Theology.