A New Holocaust on the horizon, energized in part by Christians

Core Singles FellowshipThe new Anti-Semitism and how it is laying the groundwork for the next holocaust. In this talk we will explore how an arm of Christianity has been one root of anti-Semitism from the early days of the church and is once again gaining popularity, even in the Evangelical church as well. Also, in concert with Islam how it is laying the groundwork for the possible destruction of Israel. We will also explore how its flourishing today is fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus that in the end times brother will turn against brother. Then look at how we are to respond to this.

About the speaker…

Gary Hess is a retired pastor and business executive. He has been partnering with BWGI Ministries since 2012 as Administrator and Ministry Coach. Prior to BWGI, he spent 18 years on staff at Los Gatos Venture Christian Church,  ten years as the Administrator and eight years as Discipleship Pastor.  Additionally, he has 29 years of experience in the Electronics Industry, including ten years as the U. S. Director of Marketing for Custom Chips for use in communication and computer equipment. Gary has a BSEE, MBA and graduate work in Theology.