Broken: An Extraordinary Tale of Seeing Life through a New Lens

Core Singles FellowshipWhy do some have a more authentic and trusting relationship with the Living God than others? Explore Biblical examples of God’s power in the lives of his servants, and discover the beauty in being broken.

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About the speaker…

Devin Kleffer

Devin Kleffer has been an entreprenuer, a pastor, and a coach. He currently works as a Master Educator at Monte Vista Christian School, where he blends education with real world experiences for his students. Devin is a native of Santa Cruz, where he currently lives with his wife, Rachael, and his children Tyler and Ainsley. In his free time, Devin enjoys backpacking, submerging himself in the Star Wars universe, and writing biographies about himself in the third person.

Devin Kleffer has been involved in education for more than ten years, with experience in both private and public institutions, including special education. He earned his Master’s Degree from  Western Theological Seminary, and his California Teaching Credential from San Jose State University.