Fleet Week Hike 2015!

ou and your friends are invited to join us for a difficult but fantastic hike from Powell street to Sausalito Saturday, October 10th right in the midst of Fleet Week: the Blue Angels and the like will be flying over head the whole way.

This hike is over ten miles and has steep hills, winding stairs and a good 5-6 hours of walking. We’ll go in stores, see the Emporium dome, peak into the cable-car house, get our free sample of Ghirardelli chocolate and watch cruise ships pass under our feet and jets fly over-head as we walk across the Golden Gate. Then we’ll ride a boat back to the Embarcadero for dinner in the city at Osha (amazing Thai food).

When? Saturday October 10th

Where? Carpooling, Meeting Places and Times:

  1. Kohl’s Parking Lot (Christian Miller) pulling out of the lot at 8:00 AM
    525 E. Hamilton Ave., Campbell
  2. Edwin Chin-Goon’s Home in Mountain View at 8:05am. Edwin’s address is 975 San Marcos Circle, Mountain View. Edwin’s text message/cell# is 408-828-1926
  3. Page Mill Road Park-n-Ride at 8:25 AM (Christian’s group from Kohl’s will stop here to pick up people).
  4. Daily City Bart Station (NOT COLMA): catching 9:22AM train (free parking there)
  5. Powell Street: 9:37 AM (Attention Fremontiers! If you’re in the Fremont area, take the 8:50 AM train to arrive at the Powell Street station at 9:38 AM)
  6. Ultimate Meeting Place: IF you’re meeting us in the city, we’ll be getting lunch in the Wesfield Shopping Center’s food court accessible from the Powell Street Bart Station: meet outside of Bristol Farms by 10AM. You may either pack your own lunch or buy one at the food court. We’ll take it to a park and eat at the park for lunch.

At the end of the day, we’ll be leaving Sausalito: 6:45 PM to Pier 1 @7:15 PM

Bring? Backpack, good walking shoes, light jacket or sweatshirt, sunscreen, water and $$ for Bart, Lunch, Bus, Dinner and Boat ($17.85 + Dinner)

Details: Train Ticket: $6.60 roundtrip, buy at Daily City

Lunch: Pick up lunch around Union Square and carry with you to Russian Hill
Bus: Between Marina and Bridge we’ll take a bus (to allow for watching the Blue Angels) $1.50
Boat Ticket: $9.75 Purchased on Boat (Golden Gate Ferry)

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