Judgment Is Not God’s Intended Last Word: Isaiah 1-5

Core Singles FellowshipThis talk is based on the introduction to the book of Isaiah (chapters 1-5) and is a timeless and relevant message to Christians today.  The issues in Isaiah’s time are issues for us today: Greed; self-indulgence; cynicism, widespread corruption, permissive attitudes toward immorality, increasingly violent crime and social injustice. Isaiah is concerned that the people are being misled by a false sense of security; that the promise of good in the future is keeping them from repenting and living lives that reflect the character of God today.

 About the speaker…

Kathrine McEnroe has a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary.  She currently serves as the Teaching Director for the San Jose Evening Class of Community Bible Study and provides pulpit supply for several Bay Area churches.  Her day job is as a Patent Paralegal for a Mountain View law firm.

Kathrine is married to Tom and has two grown children. She likes to hike and trek – her highest peak climbed so far is Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,336 feet.