Keys to Successful Dating & Relationships

Core Singles FellowshipIn this talk, Kevin will give insights into the main obstacles that keep Christian singles from leaving the dating desert, and provide keys that will help them find their way to the promised-land of successful dating & relationships. He will describe some heart attitudes, mindsets, new skills, and practical actions that have helped a great number of singles in his ministry find fulfilling relationships, especially with the opposite sex. Christian singles will leave this session encouraged, and carrying new spiritual and practical tools for a successful relational life. 

Additional resources: Click .pdf to download Kevin Paterson’s teaching slides in portable document format.

About the speaker…

Kevon PatersonAs the founder of a local ministry called Journey for Christian Singles, Kevin Paterson, along with his wife, Claudia, have equipped hundreds of singles with relational skills, and have celebrated the forming of dozens of marriages, engagements and courtships. Journey community members have found themselves inspired to walk out more fulfilling relationships with God and others. Kevin has worked with youth, young adult, and singles ministries as a pastor, ministry overseer, and international speaker, for much of his adult life. During a long personal season as a Christian single himself, he has developed a passion to train, inspire and mentor others on that journey. Over the past four years Kevin has spoken at singles events and relational training workshops throughout the SF Bay Area. He has also authored a book called Straight Talk to Christian Singles