An Antidote for Fear in the Face of Global Terrorism

Core Singles FellowshipThe news today talks extensively about the spread of global terrorism and it seems to be in our face no matter where we turn. Our current crop of presidential candidates repeatedly rehearse this topic as well. Certainly, there is much to be frightened about, and legitimately so. What to do about it (our fear) is the focus for this presentation. To answer that we will go to one of the earliest letters in the New Testament and see how Paul in A. D. 51-52 addressed the fears of the new believers in Thessalonica with a prophetic word about how God would sovereignly bring history to a conclusion, while protecting the church. Although Paul’s solution to their fear goes mostly to their persecution, his antidote really applies no matter the fear – economic collapse, loss of a job, a broken relationship, because God has promised to be with us regardless of circumstance.

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About the speaker…

Gary Hess is a retired pastor and business executive. He has been partnering with BWGI Ministries since 2012 as Administrator and Ministry Coach. Prior to BWGI, he spent 18 years on staff at Los Gatos Venture Christian Church,  ten years as the Administrator and eight years as Discipleship Pastor.  Additionally, he has 29 years of experience in the Electronics Industry, including ten years as the U. S. Director of Marketing for Custom Chips for use in communication and computer equipment. Gary has a BSEE, MBA and graduate work in Theology.