God’s Intended Design For Sex In Marriage

Core Singles FellowshipGod is the designer and creator of our sexuality. God’s design includes sexual pleasure promoting the ultimate oneness between a man and a woman. As a single person, how do I prepare for this type of relationship? If I’ve violated Godly principles in the past, how do I repair or fix my brokenness? How can I protect myself from future sexual danger? These topics and more will be discussed.

Additional resources: Click .pdf to download Bob Reehm teaching slides in portable document format.

About the Speaker…

Bob_RheemBob Reehm graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1974. After a year of post-grad studies in Nuclear Engineering, he served onboard two Nuclear Powered ships: the USS Enterprise and the USS Bainbridge. He left the Navy after eight years to go into ‘full-time’ ministry with The Navigators in 1982.

He currently lives in Marina, CA and ministers with his wife Char at the Naval Post Graduate School and the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. Bob has authored two books on purity issues: The War Within… Gaining Victory in the Battle for Sexual Purity, which won the Amazon Best Seller award in 1997 in the category of Christian counseling; and the 365-Day Purity Devotional, which can be found on The Purity APP. Bob is also featured on a local KKMC AM radio station called A Moment for Purity. Bob and Char have three adult, married children and five grandchildren.