Acceptance & Service (Chapter 12, BWGI Workbook).

Core Singles FellowshipGod the Father could not think of a greater or nobler role for His Son than to send Him on a mission of rescue. The Son was sent to serve, to suffer, to ascend to Heaven, and to be rewarded with His reign over the universe and the church. We too are called to participate in the family business of rescue, and to consciously choose to replicate Christ’s ministry in our lives. As daughters and sons of God, we have been sent. We are to choose to serve and to suffer. We will ascend in the rapture, and be rewarded by participating in Christ’s reign. God could not think of a greater or nobler role for us than to participate in Christ’s life pattern. This life pattern gives overall meaning to our lives.

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About the speaker…

Pastor Peter Wang

Rev. Dr. Peter Wang has been working with young adults for the last 20 years in the Silicon Valley. He received his Doctorate of Ministry from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, a master’s degree from Western Seminary, and a sociology degree from UC Berkeley. Peter has a keen interest in the area of young adult spiritual life in North America from a post-modern, post Christian context.

He is presently a pastor at Southbay Community Baptist Church and serves as a board member in various non-profit organizations. He has co-authored: Asian American Youth Ministry and is a consultant and speaker to those ministries working with young adults.

Peter and his wife Ann, who is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, have been married since 1998 and enjoy spending time with their active daughter Ava. An avid skier and ultimate Frisbee player, Peter also likes to play strategy games on the computer during his free time.