Acceptance & Sin (Chapter 11, BWGI Workbook)

Core Singles FellowshipWe will explore how we are to deal with the effects of sin, and the acts of sin in our lives. Sin affects us internally and it affects the Trinity. When we sin, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit each respond differently to us. This makes confession of wrongdoing critically important in our lives. When we confess our wrongdoing, God the Father restores His hand of blessing, the Son ceases the judgment of child training or discipline, and the Spirit begins anew the process of character formation.

About the speaker…

Dr. David Eckman

Dr. David Eckman has been a pastor for 16 years followed by seven years as a Dean and Vice-President for Western Seminary in San Jose, CA. and Portland, OR. He studied at Oxford University while working on his doctorate, and received his Ph.D. in Old Testament and Hebrew from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds an M.Div., M.Th., and Ph.D.