Ephesians 4: How are we to mature as Christians?

Core Singles FellowshipHow are we to mature as Christians and get rid of bitterness and unforgiveness towards someone? The aim of the Ephesians letter is to confirm and equip a maturing church.  As Christians, we must understand who God is and become grounded in the knowledge of God’s redemption for our sin. Ephesians 4 teaches us how to exercise and strengthen our faith, until we are no longer influenced by every new trend or undulating breeze that blows across the evangelical landscape. Do you struggle with bitterness, slander or unforgiveness? Ephesians 4 tells us how to get rid of these bitter roots.

About the speaker…

“My name is Bill Hamilton and I am a healthcare provider in the south bay. God has given me the Gift of teaching and I want to use this gift to advance Gods kingdom and inspire others to do the same. Besides listening to christian radio and studying theology, I enjoy weight lifting, running and biking.”