Potluck Celebration, Saturday June 25th…

Core Singles Fellowship is holding a potluck in celebration with volunteers and attendees who participated in the fellowship this past year and benefited from the material taught by Dr. Eckman, Peter Wang and several other speakers (13 this year)!

When: This Saturday at 5:00pm (Dinner starts at 5:30).

Where: Christian Miller’s House at 1134 Glenn Ave., San Jose CA – Park anywhere you can!

What to bring: At the potluck, please bring an entree or drinks to share

What else to bring: We are asking everyone to contribute a suggested donation of $5-$10 cash.

All proceeds received at the potluck will go to BWGI Ministries AND Church on the Hill. For their past 2.5 years, Dr. Eckman has donated his time free of charge, and Church On The Hill has let us use their facility free of charge as well. We’d like to end this year off by expressing our appreciation for both Dr. Eckman and Church On The Hill’s generosity.

Please join in showing appreciation for the generosity of these two ministries. As an option, much larger donations can be made payable by check to either organization of one’s choosing: “BWGI Ministries” OR “Church on the Hill.”