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Capitola Crazy!

CapitolaYou and your friends are invited for a fun day in Santa Cruz and Capitola! We’ll start by going to several amazing coffee shops in Santa Cruz, tour Main Street, eat lunch at The Dolphin around 11:30 AM on the wharf and do several easy adventurous hikes in Santa Cruz and Capitola. We’ll end our day in beautiful Capitola with a light dinner and be back at home before 9:00 PM.

When? Saturday September 26th 8:50 AM – 9:00 PM

Where? Meet at Kohl’s parking lot, 525 E. Hamilton, Campbell to carpool at 8:50 AM.

Bring? Walking shoes, water, clothes for both hot and cold weather.

It will be difficult to meet us during the day but two convenient places would be at The Dolphin around 11:45 AM for lunch or the parking lot at the end of 41st street in Capitola (near 511 41st street) for our Capitola walk on the beach.

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Game Night at Home First (EHC) Sept. 11

Volunteers are needed to help for Game night at the Emergency Housing Consortium (New name is Home First). This is a great opportunity to help serve the residents at Home First by serving food, playing games, talking and offering prayer. The date has changed for September to Friday September 11th. Please meet directly at Home First:

2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose CA 95125 at 7PM

When? Friday September 11th at 7:00 PM

Where? Home First: 2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose CA 95125 at 7PM

What to Bring? (optional) Things to give away like soda, salty or sugary snacks, socks, back packs, shirts, T-shirts

Questions? Call Christian at (408) 416-1802

Core Fellowship Volunteer Dinner! Sunday September 13th

You are invited to dinner on Sunday, September 13th at Christian Miller’s home. We are looking for volunteers for Core Fellowship, and we will talk about the various ways we need help for the following levels:

Level 1

People who are committed to showing up most nights – it is very helpful to have Bible study members who are committed to coming to Core as we build relationships with our brothers and sisters.

Level 2

People who are willing to serve in ways, such as the following:

  • Help plan, host or attend events like game nights, movie nights, hiking, volleyball, beach trips etc.
  • Help on the sound team.
  • Help Emcee.
  • Serve on the hospitality team (greeting, helping organize snacks etc.).
  • Publicity.

Level 3

This is the most rewarding level and gives you an opportunity to lead, but may take a bit more of your time. We need leaders in all areas, including:

  • Table leaders.
  • Event Planning.
  • Serving on the Core Team to help plan or lead people on Level 2.

What? Volunteer Dinner!

When? Sunday September 13th at 6:00 PM

Where? Christian’s home, 1134 Glenn Ave., San Jose CA

If you are interested, just show up. But if you plan to help out with the volunteer dinner, email Christian to help plan for the amount of food to prepare:

Potluck at Christian Miller’s Home

You are invited to join us for a potluck for our final meeting before we break for summer. We’ll meet at Christian’s home for dinner, socializing and some time to reflect over the past year!

When? Sunday June 28th, 6:00 PM

Where? Christian Miller’s home:
1134 Glenn Ave.,
San Jose CA 95125

What to Bring? Optionally bring some food to share. You may bring anything you want or you can follow the last name schedule:

Going by Last Name:
A – F vegetables or salad
G – M main or side dish
N – Q fruit or dessert
R – Z  drinks

Missions:Possible is a gathering of individuals who support and pray for a group of nine missionaries.

This Saturday, June 20, we will be hearing from Steve and Allison, a couple who work in North Africa using business in missions. We will meet for a potluck and presentation. Details are below. You can contact Anne Marie at or the hosts, Bill and Wen Devanney at the below phone number with any questions.

Location: Bill and Wen Devanneys’ home
10830 Ashbourne Court
Cupertino CA

See you this Saturday, June 20. 

6 PM for potluck– Bring food to share– whatever God leads you. Wen will be making lasagna and salad.

about 7:30 PM sharing and prayer

Hope you can make it.

In Christ,
Anne Marie

Korean BBQ This Saturday!

You and your friends are invited to Edwin and Christian’s 7th annual Famous Korean BBQ this Saturday! Edwin and Christian are going to cook their famous BBQ for the Game#5 pre game! Optionally dress in a Warriors jersey!


What? BBQ!!!

When? Saturday the 13th at 5:00 PM

Where? Christian’s House: 1134 Glenn Ave., San Jose CA 95125

Bring? Nothing! You may optionally bring a side dish or drinks. We’ll provide BBQ, rice and water!

No RSVP necessary.

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Dinner and a Seminar at Church on the Hill

Click here to register for this event:

You are invited to a complimentary evening with dinner and a seminar Sunday June 7th at 5:30. Dr. David Eckman, the Senior Lecturer of Becoming What God Intended Ministries, will share truths that will completely change your perspective on yourself and others:

What is the Purpose of Your Existence? 
Why the Trinity Needs You

What? A two-hour seminar by Dr. Eckman hosted by Core Fellowship from Church on the Hill. We will serve you a complimentary dinner of lasagna, salad, bread and refreshments. Please sign up so we know how much to cook.

This is a dinner and seminar for you to enjoy. Dr. Eckman will briefly discuss his ministry which is helping train Christian leaders and pastors internationally by providing them with powerful, Christ centered training tools – donations are appreciated but please only contribute if you feel led.

When? Sunday June 7th from 5:30 -8:30 PM (seminar starts at 6:30 PM)

Where? Church on the Hill

Cost? Free! – Please sign up by obtaining a ticket Sunday at Church on the Hill or by registering on line at:

Details of the seminar: Many individuals in this world live lives of quiet desperation. Sometimes Christians feel uncomfortably out of place in this world, but they may also feel insignificant in God’s plan. “When we speak of being significant,” says Dr. Eckman, “we are not talking about being proud, but being Biblical. You are significant!” We invite you to experience truths that transform. Here are some of the topics for the evening, covering “What is the Purpose of Your Existence?”

1) Why you are wanted.

2) The Trinity has a great purpose for you.

3) You answer the question of the ages.

4) It’s much less about what you do than WHO you are to God the Father.

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Please join us for a great Christian movie called “A Matter of Faith”

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.50.30 PM

In the beginning….Evolution?  Really

Join us for dinner on the night of the movie! Meet at 6:15 at the Oakridge Mall’s food court!
Century 20 Oakridge
925 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA, US, 95123

Please join us for a great Christian movie called “Matter of Faith“.  My name is Bill Hamilton and I am the lead contact in the Bay Area for Christiano Films, and working with the movie producer Rich Christiano to promote “A Matter of Faith“.   We are very excited to bring this thought provoking film to our community.  

Tickets can be bought starting May 20th and there needs to be at least 150 tickets purchased by June 16th for this screening to take placeTickets can only be purchased on line through TUGG at this link:

ONLY, after the 150 minimum tickets are reached, then your credit card will be charged.  The movie will be shown Tuesday, June 23 at 7:30pm at Century 20 Oakridge Mall in San Jose.  Feel free to contact myself or Clyde Beck ( if you have any questions.  This will be a very good film to show to any student, parent and people who need a inspiring spark in their spiritual life.  Please share this with others who you think may be interested. 


A Christian girl, Rachel Whitaker (Jordan Trovillion) goes off to college for her freshman year and begins to be influenced by her popular Biology professor (Harry Anderson) who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life. When Rachel’s father, Stephen Whitaker (Jay Pickett) senses something changing with his daughter, he begins to examine the situation and what he discovers catches him completely off guard.

Now very concerned about Rachel drifting away from her Christian faith, he tries to do something about it! 


Movie website:

Comments from church leaders who have endorsed the film:

“A Matter of Faith has a message that is highly relevant and desperately needed for America today. AIG doesn’t endorse many movies, even those that are supposedly “Christian” based. We are fully behind A Matter of Faith as it defends the authority of the Bible beginning in Genesis.” –Ken Ham, Answers In Genesis

“A clash of worldviews puts a spotlight on the creation-evolution debate in this captivating film. A committed Christian dad, a doubting daughter, and a charismatic liberal professor stir up a lot of tension and intrigue on campus. It has solid Biblical principles and a gripping plot. Kudos to the Christianos for another outstanding family-friendly film..” –Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

“A great movie. Heart-warming, educational, God-honoring, and timely.” –Ray Comfort, Living Waters Ministries

“What a wonderful movie! Well done! My wife & I were moved by the story, and the Gospel truths and message delivered in the film.” –Pastor Albert Feliciano, Middletown, NY

“I just saw the movie and it is great!!! Thanks for making a good quality movie and the gospel being clear. I also love the creativity in the story line.” –Pastor Dennis Sherman, Irvine Community Church, Irvine, CA

“A Matter of Faith is very powerful. The last 20 minutes was so well said and put in a clear wonderful perspective. It’s truly intriguing!” –Mark Belin, CEO/Creative, Be Design, Los Angeles, CA

Viewer comments from theaters:

From Rochester, NY  
“Great movie.  Very, very well done.  There were around 50 people at the Saturday night show.  At the end, a nice round of applause. Been a long time since I have been in a theater where the crowd cheered at the end.  We had three ladies in our group and two were
crying at the end.  Everyone loved it.”
–John P. Wheeler, Bank Branch Manager  
From Tuscaloosa, AL
“I am writing to thank you for sponsoring the movie, “A Matter of Faith”, that was brought to the Cobb Theater this past weekend.  I am the assistant administrator at North River Christian Academy – on McFarland Blvd. in Tuscaloosa.  We took a group of 88 of our high school students to see this movie on Friday afternoon.  Their response to this movie was overwhelmingly positive!  It made a difference in the lives of our students!”
From Ft. Wayne, IN
​ “Very emotional. My daughter had tears when we left. It was amazing. I needed to hear what they spoke about because honestly, it helped me understand more about why I sometimes have questions and it felt like they answered what I questioned.
It helped me make sense of things.”
From our rep in Mentor, OH
“After the Friday 7:00 PM show I received a phone call from the Pastor Ted Davis of our church.  Ted and his wife Jody had brought two women with them to see the movie.  On their way home one of the women was so moved by the content and message of the movie that she made a decision to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior!!”
From Grand Rapids, MI 
“I just wanted to let you know that my students really enjoyed the movie. More importantly, the message was so clear and really made them think!  It became a source of discussion and learning ALL weekend at our retreat.  They kept on talking about addition or submission as well as a huge element on creation.  What a great jump off point for our students! I pray the movie continues to reach many, many more people.” –Betsy Marvin,  Director of Family Ministry, Cornerstone Church


Join Us for Good Friday Service!

You and your friends are invited to join us for Church on the Hill’s Good Friday service! We’ll meet out front at about 5:55 and go in at 6:00 PM. After 6:00, look for us on the right side of the main auditorium!

We’ll go for dinner at my house afterwards! 1134 Glenn Ave., San Jose CA 95125

When? Friday April 3rd at 5:55 PM

Where? Church on the Hill. For a map click here.

Questions? Call Christian at (408) 416-1802

Pinnacles Hike – Saturday April 4th

You and your friends are invited to join us for a hike in Pinnacles National Park on Saturday April 4th. Pinnacles has amazing spires and rock formations, caves and wild flowers – this is a fantastic hike but it will be hot and strenuous at times. Bring your own lunch and plenty of water! We’ll eat at Famous Dave’s in Gilroy (6925 Camino Arroyo) when we’re done. Plan on spending the whole day with us!

When? April 4th 8:30 AM

Where to meet? Meet at the Kohl’s parking lot in Campbell – 525 E. Hamilton Ave., Campbell CA (We will carpool to Pinnacles National Park from here). We will be driving to Pinnacles National Park

What to bring? Bring hiking shoes, water, a sack lunch and some snacks for the trail. You may purchase food at our carpool location at Panera Bread.

Costs? Yes, each car must pay $10 to enter the park. Please help with gas and the park fee in your carpool.


Directions to park: Please Carpool – do not try to meet up at the park as there is no cell phone reception. Click here for Google directions.

Take Hwy 101 south through the city of Gilroy to Hwy 25 south. On Hwy 25, go through the town of Hollister and continue about 30 miles to Hwy 146. Turn right on Hwy 146, then turn left into the Pinnacles Campground to check in at Pinnacles Visitor Center. From the campground, the Bear Gulch Area is 3.5 miles further into the park along Hwy 146.